Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening with the Chrona Virus and violin lessons?

I am pleased to announce that my studio is up and running again for personal one on one tuition. 

How do I pay for lessons?

You can pay per term or per week. All lessons must be paid for by bank transfer

Lessons are $35 for 30mins, $55 for 45mins or $70 for 1hour lesson.

How long do lessons go for?

You can choose between 30min, 45min or 60min lessons. Most children will start with 30min lessons and as they progress they will have longer lessons. For younger beginner students we may start with 20min lessons. The cost for 20min lesson is $30. For adults, you can choose how long you want to come. It all depends on how quickly you want to improve. The longer the lesson, the faster you will learn.

How many lessons do I need to have per week?

You can choose between once or twice a week.

What days do you teach?

I am teaching Monday - Friday.  I wont be teaching Saturdays next year.

Do you do trial lessons?

Yes I can do a free 10min trial lesson for any new student. 

Can you assess my child to see what AMEB standard they are up to?

Yes I can. This only takes about 10mins and is a free assessment.

Where is the location of lessons?

Wishart (near Wishart State School). Please email me for the address.

Do you travel to student's homes?

Unfortunately I do not drive to student's homes. I also do not pick students up from bus or train stations.

Do I need my own violin?

Yes you will need your own violin. I have a collection of violins to purchase.

How much would I be looking at spending on a violin?

This depends on if you want a second hand violin or a new violin. Prices vary depending on the size you need and which shop you go to. As a rough guide, you can expect to pay around $170-$200 for a second hand violin. If you want a new violin you will pay a minimum of $300-$500 for an outfit including bow, case and rosin.

What size violin will I need?

I can determine what size you need 

I am a beginner, will I need to purchase my own music?

I have music that you can purchase.

How many AMEB grades can you do per year?

That depends on how much you practise. Most students will do 1 to 2 AMEB exams per year.

Can you teach students with learning difficulties?

Yes I have taught students with learning difficulties.

Will you teach left-handed violin?

No. I only teach right-handed violin which is the standard/usual style of violin playing. This means that the violin rests on the left shoulder and the bow is in the right hand.

Are there junior orchestras my child can join?

Yes there are junior orchestras in Brisbane. They do require that you are at a particular level of AMEB and for most orchestras you will need to do an audition to join them.

There is the Brisbane Regional Youth Orchestra that has a requirement of grade 2 AMEB to join the scherzo strings or Symphony Orchestra is AMEB grade 4. They rehearse Monday 5.45pm-8.30pm at Balmoral.

St Andrews Community Orchestra is located at Vulture Street South Brisbane. They rehearse 7.00 pm – 8.30 pm on Wednesday evenings. There is no audition required for this orchestra.

The Queensland Youth Orchestras has a Junior Strings Ensemble that has a requirement of grade 5 to join. They rehearsal saturdays 8.45-11.30am at the Old Museum Building.

There is also the Queensland Youth Orchestra 3 that also has a standard of grade 5 to join. They rehearsal on saturdays 1.15pm-4.00pm at the Old Museum Building.

Please look up their websites to find more information.

Performance opportunities
There are many opportunities for students to perform throughout the year.  There is the Brisbane Eisteddfod. You can find more information at

Do you offer group lessons?

No, I only teach individual lessons as each student learns differently, it is important that each lesson is structured for the needs of that particular student.

Do you teach adults?

Yes I have experience teaching adults that have always wanted to learn violin.

What is your required notice period to stop lessons?

Please notify me 2 weeks before you intend to stop lessons

Do you have a current Blue Card?


Are you a Member of the Music Teachers' Association of Queensland?

Yes I am a Professional Member